Hyperion arrives


Thanks to a generous grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, a gift from Dell Canada, and matching funds from ACHRI, our lab's new 30+ TeraFLOP computing cluster, Hyperion, recently arrived and has been installed in the Faculty of Medicine's server facility.

Hyperion (and his little brother Ozymandias) together have 11 Intel Xeon Phi accelerators with a combined 660 CPU cores with 4X hyper threading (capable of running 2,640 simultaneous threads), 240 Intel Xeon CPUs (with 2X hyper threading, capable of running 480 simultaneous threads), Infiniband, about 50 TB of combined storage, and other advanced technologies. This new facility is being used for the development and analysis of algorithms for large-scale inference and data analysis of large genomic datasets.

For more information, see the University of Calgary's feature on Hyperion.


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