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What we do

Genomics, Evolution, Computation


Heritage Medical

We are a computational genomics laboratory at the University of Calgary, in beautiful Alberta Canada.


We are interested in the consequences of mutation in the genomes of individual humans, from both an evolutionary and medical perspective. We are particularly interested in exploiting the massive genomic datasets now being generated worldwide in humans and other vertebrates to identify mutations that confer selective advantage and that cause disease.


To enable this work, we are developing novel computational approaches for the scalable, high-throughput analysis of many genomes using model-based statistical inference. We are particularly interested in bringing modelling advances in molecular evolution and comparative genomics to bear on interpreting personal genomic variation in humans.


We are located in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the Department of Medical Genetics, and the Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute for Child and Maternal Health, at the University of Calgary.


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